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Become one with the main character to build up a fascinating story. There are many options that lead you to different scenarios. Sometimes there is fun, sometimes it’s sad. You may see terror, even death. 

One path could end your game very fast, but another one takes you a long time to reach that point. 
You never know. In this visual novel, you will face a vampire hunter in the night. 

The way you deal with him is the key to discover some truths about yourself. The element of surprise will catch you off guard many times during your journey. It comes from everywhere, even from your own character. That’s why, be alert, get ready and feel the flow. 


Your experience can be further improved with cool BGM and SFX, which bring you the feeling of being in the exact world with the characters. If you love vampire, don’t miss this visual novel. 

If you are not interested in vampires, the game still has way more things else to explore, maybe after this, you will love vampires.

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